Sony Announces 2×2 On-Chip Lens For Mobile Sensors

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SonyAlphaRumors: Sony presents 2x2 On-Chip Lens (OCL) technology for high-speed focus, high-resolution, high-sensitivity, and HDR:

"In conventional technologies, the variance in sensitivity per pixel caused by the structure (described below), which places an on-chip lens that spans four pixels, was a major issue. However, we have successfully developed a high-performance image sensor with high image quality through optimization of the device structure and the development of a new signal processing technology."

The main features of the Sony lens structure:
  • Phase differences can be detected across all pixels
  • Improved phase difference detection performance (focus performance)
  • Focus performance at low light intensity
  • Focus performance that does not depend on the object shape or pattern
  • Real-time HDR output

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