Light Co. Changes its Focus to Automotive 3D

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Light Co. appears to change its main technology focus to automotive 3D perception. The L16 camera and Nokia 9 smartphone info has been moved to the "Case Studies" tab on Light web site.

"A missing piece in long-range depth perception

For automobiles to safely navigate the real world, they need to be able to perceive as humans do: a full picture with accurate depth throughout ranges. Lidar provides accurate information, but only up to a point, and with limited resolution. Radar detects when an object is in the far distance but it isn't sophisticated enough to discern whether its a truck or a barn. The range that radar is truly capable of is also often far less than claimed.

The Opportunity

The hole that exists in long-range, accurate sensing for ADAS/ADS is where Light comes in. We are developing an incredibly resilient perception technology that provides precise object detection, definition, and tracking through extended ranges. All in real-time."

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