IEDM 2019: Omnivision 2.2um GS BSI Pixel

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Omnivision's IEDM 2019 paper "A 2.2µm stacked back side illuminated voltage domain global shutter CMOS image sensor" by Geunsook Park, Alan Chih-Wei Hsuing, Keiji Mabuchi, Jingming Yao, Zhiqiang Lin, Vincent C. Venezia, Tongtong Yu, Yu-Shen Yang, Tiejun Dai, and Lindsay A. Grant presents the world's smallest GS pixel that appears to be optimized for 940nm structured light 3D vision applications:

"This paper presents a 2.2µm pixel pitch back side illuminated (BSI) Voltage Domain Global Shutter (VDGS) image sensor with Stacked Pixel Level Connection (SPLC) and full backside Deep Trench Isolation (DTI). With these cutting edge technologies, Full Well Capacity (FWC) more than 12,000 electrons and parasitic light sensitivity (PLS) larger than 100 dB are reached. A 38% Quantum Efficiency (QE) and 60% of Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) at 940nm, half Nyquist frequency (Ny/2) is demonstrated."

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