IEDM 2019: Sony 3-Layer Organic+Si Sensor

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Sony IEDM 2019 paper "Three-layer Stacked Color Image Sensor With 2.0-μm Pixel Size Using Organic Photoconductive Film" by H. Togashi, T. Watanabe, M. Joei, T. Hayashi, S. Hirata, S. Fukuoka, Y. Ando, Y. Sato, J. Yamamoto, I. Yagi, M. Murata, M. Kuribayashi, F. Koga, T. Yamaguchi, Y. Oike, T. Ezaki, and T. Hirayama combines 3T organic PD pixel with 4T Si-based pixel ideas:

"A three-layer stacked color image sensor was formed using an organic film. The sensor decreases the false color problem as it does not require demosaicing. Furthermore, with the 2.0-μm pixel image sensor, improved spectral characteristics owing to green adsorption by the organic film above the red/blue photodiode, were successfully demonstrated."

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