TPSCo 2.5um GS Pixel

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TPSCo paper "A High-Performance 2.5 μm Charge Domain Global Shutter Pixel and Near Infrared Enhancement with Light Pipe Technology" by Ikuo Mizuno, Masafumi Tsutsui, Toshifumi Yokoyama, Tatsuya Hirata, Yoshiaki Nishi, Dmitry Veinger, Adi Birman, and Assaf Lahav is a part of MDPI Special Issue on the 2019 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW2019).

"We developed a new 2.5 μm global shutter (GS) pixel using a 65 nm process with an advanced light pipe (LP) structure. This is the world’s smallest charge domain GS pixel reported so far. This new developed pixel platform is a key enabler for ultra-high resolution sensors, industrial cameras with wide aperture lenses, and low form factors optical modules for mobile applications. The 2.5 μm GS pixel showed excellent optical performances: 68% quantum efficiency (QE) at 530 nm, ±12.5 degrees angular response (AR), and quite low parasitic light sensitivity (PLS)—10,400 1/PLS with the F#2.8 lens. In addition, we achieved an extremely low memory node (MN) dark current 13 e−/s at 60 °C by fully pinned MN. Furthermore, we studied how the LP technology contributes to the improvement of the modulation transfer function (MTF) in near infrared (NIR) enhanced GS pixel. The 2.8 μm GS pixel using a p-substrate showed 109 lp/mm MTF@50% at 940 nm, which is 1.6 times better than that without an LP. The MTF can be more enhanced by the combination of the LP and the deep photodiode (PD) electrically isolated from the substrate. We demonstrated the advantage of using LP technology and our advanced stacked deep photodiode (SDP) technology together. This unique combination showed an improvement of more than 100% in NIR QE while maintaining an MTF that is close to the theoretical Nyquist limit (MTF @50% = 156 lp/mm)."

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