EETimes on Prophesee and Sony Partnership

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EETimes reporter Junko Yoshida publishes an article "Sony, Prophesee Open ‘Pandora’s Box’ in AI Sensing." Few quotes:

Given the nature of our technology that uses a lot of transistors, electronics and photodiodes, working with Sony was always our first choice,” [Prophesee CEO Luca] Verre told EE Times. The companies started to work together in 2017. Verre promised that samples of the first stacked event-based vision sensors will be available in 2020.

Prophesee CEO Verre noted that Sony’s role in the partnership is not limited to a foundry. With solid knowledge and an IP portfolio of its own in event-based technology, Verre said, “We came to the table with a clear idea as to how we wanted to design pixels.” The two companies’ collaborative efforts made possible the new event-driven sensor design — from analog, logic and power — combined with Sony’s advanced manufacturing process.

The relationship isn’t a pure R&D exercise either, noted Verre. The intention is to maintain a long-term partnership that will bring the technology to the commercial market while developing applications.

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