Huawei to Open Image Sensor Design Group in Belgium

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Huawei opens a new R&D center in Belgium and one of its charters is image sensor design, as its affiliated headhunter states in his email: "Huawei is looking for .... a 3D Image Sensor Chip Circuit Architect/Manager"

We are looking for Image Sensor Chip Circuit Architect/Manager, and the responsibility includes:
  • Develop a image sensor chip readout circuit architecture, decompose the chip system design specifications and perform corresponding design constraints on each readout module; at the same time, coordinate the pixel design team to complete the circuit design and backend implementation.
  • Propose related key technologies of circuits to improve the core competitiveness of the chip, including readout noise reduction, power consumption reduction at high frame rate, and high dynamic range.

The job candidates should have "many experience in mass production of image sensor chip products; solves design or engineering problems in the process from sample to mass production."

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