Sony Engineers Talk about BSI ToF Sensor Development

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Sony Japan site publishes an article about its BSI ToF sensor development. Few quotes in Google automatic translation:

"In order to develop a single sensor, more than 100 engineers develop in various areas. Especially in the case of a ToF sensor, the technology area is wider than that of a sensor alone, such as a laser serving as a light source and signal processing for converting information of detected light into distance. If we include the human resources involved, we may be developing with 200 to 300 people.

Currently, we are creating an evaluation board for the ToF sensor and evaluating the total system as a module that includes not only the sensor itself but also a laser and lens.

The development of the ToF sensor was carried out in collaboration with a base in Belgium, but it was a bit of a puzzle at first. Of course, there were language barriers, and there is a culture that values ​​vacation, so even if you are in the middle of development, the person in charge will take a long vacation, so this common sense does not apply to scheduling There were also things. On the other hand, Belgium is surrounded by other countries and is used to working in an environment where various cultures coexist, so many people have a strong curiosity about different cultures. There are also places that understand Japanese thinking and culture.

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