70Tfps Imaging

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Caltech publishes Nature paper "Single-shot ultrafast imaging attaining 70 trillion frames per second" by Peng Wang, Jinyang Liang, and Lihong V. Wang.

"Real-time imaging of countless femtosecond dynamics requires extreme speeds orders of magnitude beyond the limits of electronic sensors. Existing femtosecond imaging modalities either require event repetition or provide single-shot acquisition with no more than 1013 frames per second (fps) and 3 × 10^2 frames. Here, we report compressed ultrafast spectral photography (CUSP), which attains several new records in single-shot multi-dimensional imaging speeds. In active mode, CUSP achieves both 7 × 10^13 fps and 103 frames simultaneously by synergizing spectral encoding, pulse splitting, temporal shearing, and compressed sensing—enabling unprecedented quantitative imaging of rapid nonlinear light-matter interaction. In passive mode, CUSP provides four-dimensional (4D) spectral imaging at 0.5 × 10^12 fps, allowing the first single-shot spectrally resolved fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (SR-FLIM). As a real-time multi-dimensional imaging technology with the highest speeds and most frames, CUSP is envisioned to play instrumental roles in numerous pivotal scientific studies without the need for event repetition."

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