Tower and Technion Integrate Organic PD into CMOS Process

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Tower and Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, publish a Nature paper "Hybrid image sensor of small molecule organic photodiode on CMOS – Integration and characterization" by Himanshu Shekhar, Amos Fenigstein, Tomer Leitner, Becky Lavi, Dmitry Veinger, and Nir Tessler.

"Here, we demonstrate seamless integration of a thermally deposited visible light sensitive small molecule OPD on a standard commercial CMOS substrate using optimized doped PCBM buffer layer. Under a standard power supply voltage of 3 V, this hybrid device shows an excellent photolinearity in the entire bias regime, a high pixel sensitivity of 2 V/Lux.sec, a dynamic range (DR) of 71 dB, and a low dark leakage current density of 1 nA/cm2. Moreover, the integrated OPD has a minimum bandwidth of 400 kHz. The photoresponse nonuniformity being only 1.7%, achieved under research lab conditions, strengthens the notion that this fully-CMOS compatible technology has the potential to be applied in high-performance large-scale imaging array."

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