USA-China Trade War Creates Opportunities for Smartsens

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EJInsight: Lap Man, a founder of Beyond Ventures in Hing Kong and one of SmartSens investors, believes that the tension between the USA and China creates new opportunities ahead for chip makers like SmartSens Tech. “Under the trade war, many firms have no choice but to consider using chips made in China, which presents a unique opportunity for Chinese chipmakers.

Beyond Ventures has participated in a funding round of SmartSens Tech, led by Samsung and ARM China.

Digitimes writes about Smartsens (in Microsoft translation):

"Headquartered in Shanghai's Weihe River High-tech Development Zone, a CIS component manufacturer has achieved the world's first shipment of security monitoring applications for two consecutive years, namely - SmartSens.

As a CIS company founded in 2011, it "miraclely" opened up about innovation - since 2015, SmartSens has moved into the field of security surveillance and has grown rapidly and received attention; Multiple areas, such as artificial intelligence, have handed over some remarkable transcripts.

SmartSens' rapid growth is inseparable from the partnership with the drivers behind Taiwan's supply chain. In the competitive field of integrated component factory strong hand ring, CMOS sense from "traditional" to "intelligent" change, during which the change of AI technology is a very big challenge to CMOS sensing components, but also has great opportunities for development.

SmartSens CMO Chris Yiu says the key requirement in the field of security surveillance is near-infrared sensitivity, as most security surveillance cameras use NIR LED lights for night vision imaging. SmartSens' partnership with Taiwan Plant is dedicated to improving the sensitivity of sensing components in the 850-940nm range and is the first to launch new products with these improvements in 2017.

"All of SmartSens' mid- to high-end products now offer this near-infrared enhancement as standard. We see this as an essential technological improvement for the entire industry, Chris Yiu said.

SmartSens Taiwan institutional investment Puxun Innovation General Manager, "Image recognition will become the focus of the future semiconductor industry growth, as a leading technology CMOS image sensor chip company, SmartSens in recent years has been at the forefront of technology, and very optimistic about SmartSens and fabs, sealing plant depth cooperation brought about by the comprehensive effect." The Pusus Innovation team will work with partners in the industry to continue to help SmartSens thrive.

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