Thoughtography: Interaction of Mind with Image Sensor

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PsyArXiv, a free preprint service for the psychological sciences, publishes paper "Modern Thoughtography: Mind Interaction at a distance with digital camera sensors: a pilot study" by Luciano Pederzoli, Marco Bilucaglia, Elena Prati, Marzio Matteoli, and Patrizio Tressoldi from EvanLab, Università IULM, and Università di Padova, Italy.

"The main purpose of this pilot study was to verify the possibility of mentally and distantly influencing the digital sensor of a professional photographic camera to make a pre-chosen image appear on it. This study is part of a rich field of research on mind-matter interaction which by now has an approximately 70 year history, as documented by Duggan (2017).

In this case here it was decided to verify the possibility of influencing sensors of modern professional photographic cameras specifically because they now have a large number of pixels and each pixel also has a very high signal/noise ratio, so that for each pixel we can record a brightness range of 12 bits, or 4096 different values.

Three participants experienced in distant mind-matter interaction techniques took part in a total of 48 trials. In 7 out of 48 trials (14.5%) the value of the Structural Similarity Index of the target image chosen by the participant for the distant mental influence trial on the camera’s sensor was greater than that obtained when the target was different.

Although still preliminary, these results suggest that it may be possible to use modern professional cameras to study the effects of distant mind-matter interactions.

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