Kingpak Patents Acquired and Turned Against Other Companies

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MaxVal reports that KT Imaging USA (KT) filed willful patent infringement complaints against Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Dynabook, HP, ACER and ASUSTeK in the Eastern and Western Texas District Courts. The image sensor packaging patents mentioned in the lawsuit are: US6,590,269; US6,876,544; US7,196,322; US7,511,261; US8,004,602; and US8,314,481.

KT acquired these patents from Kingpak in December of 2018. A year later, Kingpak has merged with Tong Hsing and now continues its business under Tong Hsing name.

In 2019, KT Imaging also sued Kyocera, Lightcomm Technology, and Panasonic over the same patents. The Kyocera and Panasonic lawsuits were terminated, possibly as a result of settlements, while the Lightcomm case is still pending.

MaxVal posts its summary of the patents-in-the-suits:

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