Trieye Officially Announces its CMOS SWIR Camera

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Evertiq: TriEye has officially revealed Sparrow – its first CMOS-based SWIR camera. Among the companies that are collaborating with TriEye and are evaluating the Sparrow is DENSO, in addition to Porsche that made an investment in the company back in 2019.

The sensor is particularly effective in low visibility conditions such as identifying black ice, dark clothed pedestrians, and cyclists - all under low-light or other common low visibility conditions, detection scenarios that are paramount for the automotive industry.

We are proud and delighted to announce our collaboration with DENSO which marks a meaningful step forward in delivering our mission of solving the low visibility challenge,” says Avi Bakal, TriEye’s Co-Founder and CEO. “The joint work has been greatly beneficial since day one, bringing together DENSO’s innovative approach and market experience with TriEye groundbreaking technology.

TriEye aims to make SWIR cameras affordable and accessible for the global mass market. The release of Sparrow marks a major milestone towards that goal. The company is expected to launch the first samples of Raven, said to be the world's first CMOS-based SWIR HD camera, later this year.

TriEye’s SWIR camera can be integrated as a standard visible camera and can reuse existing visible image AI algorithms, which saves the effort of recollecting and annotating millions of miles.

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