Chip-Scale Spectrometers Review

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Nanophotonics publishes a paper "Visible to long-wave infrared chip-scale spectrometers based on photodetectors with tailored responsivities and multispectral filters" by Jasper J. Cadusch, Jiajun Meng, Benjamin J. Craig, Vivek Raj Shrestha, and Kenneth B. Crozier from University of Melbourne, Australia.

"Chip-scale microspectrometers, operational across the visible to long-wave infrared spectral region will enable many remote sensing spectroscopy applications in a variety of fields including consumer electronics, process control in manufacturing, as well as environmental and agricultural monitoring. The low weight and small device footprint of such spectrometers could allow for integration into handheld, unattended vehicles or wearable-electronics based systems. This review will focus on recent developments in nanophotonic microspectrometer designs, which fall into two design categories: (i) planar filter-arrays used in conjunction with visible or IR detector arrays and (ii) microspectrometers using filter-free detector designs with tailored responsivities, where spectral filtering and photocurrent generation occur within the same nanostructure."

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