Image Algorithmics on RGBW Color Filter Misconceptions

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Image Algorithmics kindly sent me a presentation with the company view on RGBW CFA advantages:

"There is a strong preconception in the market that RGBW does not work well. This is understandable given the failure of previous attempts. What's worse, many engineers now believe that it fundamentally cannot work well. I am attaching a slide deck to address this misconception.

We have tested our algorithms on 0.8u, 1.0u, 1.12u and 2.8u RGBW sensors. RGBW has a 6dB+ SNR advantage over Bayer in low light, read noise limited conditions and 3dB+ SNR advantage over Bayer in bright light, shot noise limited conditions. RGBW also has a 6dB dynamic range advantage.

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