Holy Grail Claim: Perfect RGB‐IR Color Routers Instead of Color Filters

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Wiley Journal of Advanced Photonics Research publishes a paper "Perfect RGB‐IR Color Routers for Sub‐Wavelength Size CMOS Image Sensor Pixels" by Nathan Zhao, Peter B. Catrysse, and Shanhui Fan from Stanford University.

"A critical capability of all image sensors is to separate light into its individual color components. In most technologies today, this is done via color filters. Filters, however, intrinsically waste a large fraction of the light by absorption or scattering. This affects image sensor performance since the amount of light incident on each image sensor pixels reduces quadratically with linear scaling of pixel size. This is particularly detrimental to the performance of (sub‐)wavelength size pixels. In this paper, we provide a conceptually novel approach for color functionality in image sensors, by designing a color router that achieves perfect RGB‐IR color routing for sub‐wavelength size pixels. In a color router, all incident light for each color channel is routed directly and without loss to the photodetector of the corresponding color channel pixel. We show that color routers can be designed to near‐perfectly match a prescribed spectral shape, which is important for color image processing. We further show that we can design these routers to achieve specific spectral bandwidth and to meet angular as well as fabrication constraints. This article is protected by copyright."

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