Huawei Unveils its First Automotive LiDAR and Begins Pilot Production

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CnTechPost, GizChina, InfNews, Huawei: Huawei announces its first automotive LiDAR product. Few key points from the announcement:

  • 120 x 25 deg FOV
  • 0.25 x 0.26 deg resolution
  • 96 lines
  • 150m range at 10% target reflectivity
  • 200m range at 50% target reflectivity
  • BAIC (Beijing Automotive) is the first customer
  • Huawei has built a pilot production line with capacity of 100K units per year
  • The development has started in 2016 and took 4 years
Now, an interesting question is whether Huawei succeeds to capture a major LiDAR player position, like it did in smartphones?

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