Global TCAD Solutions for CIS

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Global TCAD Solutions GmbH, a spin-off from Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria, presents its tools for CIS pixel simulations:

One common type of APS cell consists of a Pinned Photodiode (PPD) with four NMOS transistors. Such structure can be Backside Illuminated (BSI) or use a transfer gate (TG) transistor with vertical channel for more compact pixels. This produces a 3D cell structure, with:
  1. A pinned photodiode (PPD),
  2. adjacent Transfer Gate (TG) transistor and Floating Diffusion (FD) region,
  3. a readout circuit, usually consisting of
    Source Follower Attenuator (SFA)
    Reset (RST)
    Row Select (RS) transistors

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