Videos of the day [AMS-OSRAM, ESPROS, Sony]

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New Mira global shutter image sensor from ams OSRAM advances 2D and 3D sensing with high quantum efficiency at visible and NIR wavelengths. The Mira sensors come supplied in a chip-scale package, with an optimized footprint and an industry-leading ratio of size to resolution empowered by state-of-the-art stacked back-side illumination technology to shrink package footprint, giving greater design flexibility to manufacturers of smart glasses and other space-constrained products. The Mira image sensors are super small and offer superior image quality in low light conditions and with its many on-chip operations, our image sensors open up many new possibilities for developers.


ESPROS Time-of-Flight products were developed for outdoor use and handle background light very well. These outdoor scenes were taken with our TOFcam-660. In this TOFcam-660 a epc660 is installed, which has a resolution of 320x240 pixels and can easily be used for outdoor applications with a lot of ambient light, even in direct sunlight of 100klux. Thanks to the good resolution, HDR mode, with different integration times and the already mentioned outdoor performance, various applications can be developed that require a clean distance image (depth map).

#LYTIA, is a new product brand for image sensors for mobile, manufactured by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (#SSS,). SSS has shaped the culture of Smartphone photography by supporting the use of smartphones to take photos and videos.  LYTIA image sensors are designed to enable smartphone users to express and share their emotions more freely and to bring a creative experience far beyond your imagination. SSS continues to create a future where everyone can enjoy a life full of creativity with LYTIA.

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