Sony AITRIOS wins award at tinyML 2023

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At the tinyML Summit 2023, held from March 27 to 29, 2023, Sony Semiconductor Solutions' edge AI sensing platform service, AITRIOS™, won the tinyML Awards 2023 "Best Innovative Software Enablement and Tools".

The tinyML Summit is a global conference on tiny machine learning (TinyML), held since 2019, where business leaders, engineers, and researchers gather to share information on the latest TinyML technologies and applications. This year the conference was held in San Francisco, United States. This award is presented to an individual, team, or organization that has created innovative software tools or development support tools related to TinyML and has contributed to the evolution of this technology.

 Deploying Visual AI Solutions in the Retail Industry
Mark HANSON , VP of Technology and Business Innovation, Sony Semiconductor Solutions of America
An image sensor with AI-processing capability is a novel architecture that is pushing vision AI closer to the edge to enable applications at scale. Today many AI applications stall in the PoC stage and never reach commercial deployment to solve real-world problems because existing systems lack simplicity, flexibility, affordability, and commercial-grade reliability. We’ll investigate why the retail industry struggles to keep track of stock on its retail shelves while relying on retail employees to manually monitor stock and how our (AITRIOS) vision AI application for on-shelf-availability can eliminate complexity and inefficiency at scale.


The name “AITRIOS” consists of the platform keyword “AI” and “Trio S,” meaning, “three S’s.” Through AITRIOS, SSS aims to deliver the three S’s of “Solution,” “Social Value,” and “Sustainability” to the world.

Through this platform, SSS seeks to facilitate development of optimal systems, in which the edge and the cloud function in synergy, to support its partners in popularizing and expanding environmentally conscious sensing solutions using edge AI, and to deliver new value and help solve challenges faced by various industries.

AITRIOS integrates an AI model and application development environment, a marketplace, cloud-based services , and other items required for solution development into a powerful and flexible platform.

SSS, a leading company in image sensors, offers sensor configurations optimized for edge AI, enabling partners to build high-performance and reliable solutions.

AITRIOS is a one-stop B2B* (business to business) platform providing tools and environments that facilitate software and application development and system implementation.

*This service is not currently available to individual customers.

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