Videos du jour — Sony, onsemi, realme/Samsung [June 16, 2023]

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Stacked CMOS Image Sensor Technology with 2-Layer Transistor Pixel | Sony Official

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (“SSS”) has succeeded in developing the world’s first* stacked CMOS image sensor technology with 2-Layer Transistor Pixel.
This new technology will prevent underexposure and overexposure in settings with a combination of bright and dim illumination (e.g., backlit settings) and enable high-quality, low-noise images even in low-light (e.g., indoor, nighttime) settings.
LYTIA image sensors are designed to enable smartphone users to express and share their emotions more freely and to bring a creative experience far beyond your imagination. SSS continues to create a future where everyone can enjoy a life full of creativity with LYTIA.
*: As of announcement on December 16, 2021.

New onsemi Hyperlux Image Sensor Family Leads the Way in Next-Generation ADAS to Make Cars Safer
onsemi's new Hyperlux™ image sensors are steering the future of autonomous driving!
Armed with 150db ultra-high dynamic range to capture high-quality images in the most extreme lighting conditions, our Hyperlux™ sensors use up to 30% less power with a footprint that's up to 28% smaller than competing devices.

When realme11Pro+ gets booted with ISOCELL HP3 Super Zoom, a 200MP Image Sensor | realme
The ISOCELL HP3 SuperZoom, a 200MP image sensor, equipped in realme 11 Pro+ combined with realme’s advanced camera technology. What will you capture with this innovation?

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