Huawei image sensor fab?

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According to the latest Blomberg report (paywalled)

"Huawei Building Secret Network for Chips, Trade Group Warns"
Tech giant is reportedly getting $30 billion in state support
Biden administration monitoring and ready to take action
The leading association of global chip companies is warning that Huawei Technologies Co. is building a collection of secret semiconductor-fabrication facilities across China, a shadow manufacturing network that would let the blacklisted company skirt US sanctions and further the nation’s technology ambitions.


In a recent disclosure, the SIA has revealed concerns about Huawei’s expansion into chip production.
The company is allegedly receiving approximately $30 billion in state funding from the Chinese government and its home base in Shenzhen, while actively pursuing chip production.

It’s said to have acquired two existing plants and is currently building three more facilities, as per SIA’s presentation.

Since being placed on the US Commerce Department’s entity list in 2019, Huawei has faced stringent restrictions in collaborating with American companies.

However, if the company is indeed developing semiconductor facilities under the guise of other entities, it might exploit this secrecy to indirectly procure US chipmaking equipment.

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