MDPI IISW2023 special issue – 316MP, 120FPS, HDR CIS

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A. Agarwal et al. have published a full length article on their IISW 2023 conference presentation in a special issue of MDPI Sensors. The paper is titled "A 316MP, 120FPS, High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor for Next Generation Immersive Displays" and is joint work between Forza Silicon (AMETEK Inc.) and Sphere Entertainment Co..

Full article (open access):

We present a 2D-stitched, 316MP, 120FPS, high dynamic range CMOS image sensor with 92 CML output ports operating at a cumulative date rate of 515 Gbit/s. The total die size is 9.92 cm × 8.31 cm and the chip is fabricated in a 65 nm, 4 metal BSI process with an overall power consumption of 23 W. A 4.3 µm dual-gain pixel has a high and low conversion gain full well of 6600e- and 41,000e-, respectively, with a total high gain temporal noise of 1.8e- achieving a composite dynamic range of 87 dB.

Figure 1. Sensor on a 12 inch wafer (4 dies per wafer), die photo, and stitch plan.

Figure 2. Detailed block diagram showing sensor partitioning.

Figure 3. Distribution of active and dark rows in block B/H, block E, and final reticle plan.

Figure 5. Sensor timing for single-exposure dual-gain (HDR) operation.

Figure 6. Data aggregation and readout order for single-gain mode.

Figure 7. Data aggregation and readout order for dual-gain mode.

Figure 8. ADC output multiplexing network for electrical crosstalk mitigation.

Figure 9. Conventional single-ended ADC counter distribution.

Figure 10. Proposed pseudo-differential ADC counter distribution.

Figure 11. Generated thermal map from static IR drop simulation.

Figure 12. Measured dark current distribution.

Figure 13. SNR and transfer function in HDR mode.

Figure 14. Full-resolution color image captured in single-gain mode at 120 FPS.

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