Talk on Digital Camera Myths and Misunderstandings – Part II

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In a follow-up to the talk that was previously shared on this blog, here's Digital Camera Myths, Misstatements and Misunderstandings Part II, a presentation by Wayne Prentice to Rochester, NY chapter of IS&T (Society for imaging Science and Tech.) on 17 April. 2024. 

00:00 - Introduction
5:51 - Revisiting ISO sensitivity
9:12 - 12 ISO 10/Ha - really independent of camera and illuminant?
13:49 - "It's official: ISO 51,200 is the new 6400". Really?
22:44 - RCCB (Red, clear, clear Blue) sensors yield better SNR. Really?
25:35 - Depth of field: should you always use a longer focal length?
28:18 - sRGB, gamma, CRT display, and Human Vision
31:00 - Questions

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