Russell Kirsch, Inventor of the Pixel, Died
DigitalTrends, Wikipedia: Russell A. Kirsch recognized as the inventor of the pixel died from a form of Alzheimer’s disease at the adge of 91. He invented the pixel in 1957 when working at the National Bureau of Standards, now known as the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
HDR Pixel with Tone Mapping
December 2020 issue of an International Journal on Sensing and Imaging publishes a paper "On Wide Dynamic Range Tone Mapping CMOS Image Sensor" by Waqas Mughal (University of Southampton, UK) and Bhaskar Choubey (Universität Siegen, Germany).
Xiaomi Smartphone with Omnivision Sensor in the Main Camera Wins Top DXOMark Score
XDA Developers: Xiaomi announces its new flagship phone, Mi 10 Ultra. In its main camera, it uses "48MP, custom 1/1.32″ sensor (OV48C), 2.4µm pixels after pixel-binning." Most of the previous premium Xiaomi phones used Sony and Samsung sensors in the main camera.
Sony FE 24-240mm f3.5-6.3 OSS review
The Sony FE 24-240mm f3.5-6.3 is a small and relatively light super-zoom with a huge 10x zoom-range. Together with useful close-up capabilities, it's an ideal travel companion. Find out if it's right for you in our full review!… The post Sony FE 24-240mm f3.5-6.
Hamamatsu Builds New Fab
Hamamatsu announces completion of construction of a new factory building at the Shingai Factory (Shingai-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu City, Japan) to cope with the increasing sales demand for opto-semiconductors, X-ray image sensors and X-ray flat panel sensors.
Pointcloud Inc. Presents Coherent ToF Camera
San Francisco-based startup Pointcould, Opris Consulting, and University of Southampton, UK publish Arxiv paper "A universal 3D imaging sensor on a silicon photonics platform" by Christopher Rogers, Alexander Y. Piggott, David J. Thomson, Robert F. Wiser, Ion E. Opris, Steven A. Fortune, Andrew J.
Axcelis Ships its First 12MeV Implanter to CIS Customer for Evaluation
Axcelis reports that it has shipped first Purion XEmax evaluation system to a large image sensor customer. In a previous version of this announcement, Axcelis claimed it supports up to 15MeV energies, but now it just says "more than 12MeV.
Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN Art review – preview
The Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN Art is a mild telephoto lens designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras with E-mount and L-mount. It’s the second large aperture prime after the 35mm f1.2 DG DN in Sigma's ART series for mirrorless cameras. Find out more in our preview!… The post Sigma 85mm f1.
Omdia: Samsung Reduces Market Share Gap with Sony
KoreanInvestors quotes Omdia Research claiming that Samsung gradually reduces the market share gap with Sony:"According to market researcher OMDIA, the global market share gap in the CMOS image sensor between Sony and Samsung has narrowed significantly this year.
Synopsys Demos 24Gbps D-PHY/C-PHY IP
Synopsys shows MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY IP Performance at 24 Gbps. MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY IP interoperating with an unspecified image sensor in C-PHY mode up to 3.5 Gsps per trio and D-PHY mode up to 4.5 Gbps per lane.
More about Sony Quarterly Results
SeekingAlpha publishes Sony earnings call transcript with some updates on image sensor business:"Next is in IS&S, Image Sensing & Solutions. Fiscal '20 quarter one sales decreased 11% year-on-year to ¥206.2 billion, and operating income decreased ¥24.1 billion to ¥25.4 billion.
Renesas Announces Reference Design for its 8MP Image Sensor
BusinessWire: Renesas introduced an UHD surveillance camera reference design to address today’s high-accuracy object detection and recognition needs for video security and surveillance systems.
Black Phosphorus Promise
AIP Applied Physics Reviews publishes National University of Singapore paper "Black phosphorus photonics toward on-chip applications" by Li Huang and Kah-Wee Ang.
One Investor's View on Sony CIS Business
Forbes contributor Stephen McBride publishes his view on Sony CIS business:"The growth in sensor sales over the past three years has been nothing short of remarkable. This year Sony will generate more profits from imaging than any of its other business lines. Sensors are on track to generate $1.
Yole Forecasts 2020-25 Camera Module Market
Yole Developpement report "CMOS Camera Module Industry for Consumer & Automotive 2020" forecasts the revenue of the global camera module market to expand from $31.3B in 2019 to $57.0B in 2025, at 12.8% CAGR.
e2v Unveils ToF Image Sensor
Teledyne e2v introduces Hydra3D, an 832 x 600 pixel resolution ToF CMOS sensor. Hydra3D is based on a 10µm three-tap pixel.
QURV Startup to Develop SWIR Image Sensors
Barcelona, Spain-based The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) launches a spin-off company, Qurv Technologies.
Organic Photo-Multiplying PD Thesis
Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, Korea, publishes MSc thesis "Fabrication of Ultra-Thin Photo-Multiplication Photodiode by Using a Non Fullerene-Based 2D Planar Small Molecular Semiconductor as an Efficient Optical Sensitizer" by Neethipathi Deepan Kumar.
Night Vision Circa 1974
A Vimeo video "Night Vision R&D 1974 US Army; Research and Development Progress Report No. 53" shows how far the imaging has advanced over the last 45 years:There is also a Youtube version of this video.
Xiaomi Smartphone with Omnivision Sensor in the Main Camera Wins Top DXOMark Score
XDA Developers: Xiaomi announces its new flagship phone, Mi 10 Ultra. In its main camera, it uses "48MP, custom 1/1.32″ sensor (OV48C), 2.4µm pixels after pixel-binning." Most of the previous premium Xiaomi phones used Sony and Samsung sensors in the main camera.
History of TV
Mark Schubin publishes a lecture on TV history, including a review of some early image sensing devices:
Is Yokogawa Minimal Fab Suitable for Image Sensor Production?
Yokogawa brought AIST, Japan-originated Minimal Fab project to production. It uses 0.5-inch wafers and does not need a clean room to operate:Minimal Fab process implements most of the steps needed for image sensor production, even a wafer thinning and bonding option.
Samsung et al. Explores Subwavelength-Sized Color Pixel Approaches
Samsung, UCB, and Hong Kong University researches publish a Nature paper "Subwavelength pixelated CMOS color sensors based on anti-Hermitian metasurface" by Joseph S. T.
Photodiode Array Cross-Section
i-Micronews: SystemPlus publishes a comparison of camera modules in Samsung smartphones.
Strained Si PD Sensitivity Enhanced into SWIR Band Yonsei University, Korea, researches manages to enhance 10nm-thin Si layer sensitivity all the way to 1550nm. Science paper "Breaking the absorption limit of Si toward SWIR wavelength range via strain engineering" by Ajit K.
Entangled Photon Imaging with SPADs
EPFL and Glasgow University publish Arxiv paper "Quantum illumination imaging with a single-photon avalanche diode camera" by Hugo Defienne, Jiuxuan Zhao, Edoardo Charbon, and Daniele Faccio.
Newsight Imaging eToF Webinar
Newsight Imaging publish a webinar explaining its NSI1000 eTOF sensor operation:
Sony Reports Drop of Image Sensor Sales, Reduces FY Forecast
Sony reports a drop of image sensor sales in its last fiscal quarter started on April 1, 2020:
ASM Presents its Camera Assembly Capabilities
ASM Q2 2020 investor presentation reports weaker booking for CIS packaging and shows its camera module assembly solutions:
ID Quantique Announces 2nd Smartphone with its Image Sensor-based Random Number Generator
ID Quantique (IDQ) announces that its image sensor based Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) chip has been integrated in the Vietnamese ‘Vsmart Aris 5G’ smartphone.
3D Camera and Analytics Startup Raises $51M
VentureBeat, Forbes: Density, a San Francisoco-based startup building AI-powered 3D cameras, closes a $51M investment round, following $23M in previous funding.Density uses 3D depth cameras and an AI cloud-based software to enable social distancing and occupancy analytics.
Memristor-Based Smart Image Sensor
National Science Review paper "Networking retinomorphic sensor with memristive crossbar for brain-inspired visual perception" by Shuang Wang, Chen-Yu Wang, Pengfei Wang, Cong Wang, Zhu-An Li, Chen Pan, Yitong Dai, Anyuan Gao, Chuan Liu, Jian Liu, Huafeng Yang, Xiaowei Liu, Bin Cheng, Kunji Chen, Zhe...
Sony Transfers its Fabs Management to NEC Facilities
Sony: NEC Facilities and Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has agreed to jointly establish SSN Facilities as a new company that manages facilities at semiconductor production bases. SSN Facilities will undertake facility management, repair work, maintenance work, etc.
Photron Presents FastCam with 4MP 1440fps APS-C Image Sensor
Photron unveils FASTCAM NOVA R2 with "unique CMOS image sensor technologies:"4MP resolution2048 x 2048 pixels at 1,440fps1920 x 1080 pixels at 2,560fpsISO 8,000 monochromeISO 2,500 colorGlobal Electronic Shutter: 1ms to 2.
Ouster Explains Details of its SPAD LiDAR Sensor
Ouster 2018 article explains the design choices behind its 850nm SPAD-based LiDAR.
Night Vision Circa 1974
A Vimeo video "Night Vision R&D 1974 US Army; Research and Development Progress Report No. 53" shows how far the imaging has advanced over the last 45 years:There is also a Youtube version of this video.
Media: Huawei Allocates 10,000 Employees to LiDAR Development
cnTechPost, EqualOcean, NaijaTechNews, Observer Network, GizmoChina: Huawei optoelectronics R&D center in Wihan employing 10,000 people develops automotive LiDAR, according to Wang Jun, president of the recently established Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU.
Axcelis Purion XEmax is Fully Capable of 15MeV Energy
After initial misunderstanding with 15MeV and 12MeV statements in Axcelis announcements, I got an official clarification from the company:Dear Vladimir,I saw your recent article on our system and reference to energy range and I wanted to clear up any confusion.
LiDAR News: Lumotive, Robosense, Light, Microvision
Lumotive announces Early Access Program (EAP) to accelerate adoption of its LiDAR technology. The EAP provides engineering support and early access to Lumotive's software-defined beam-steering technology to enable customized product design and rapid system integration.
Infineon Expects ToF Sensor Market to Exceed 1.1B Euro in 2023
Infineon quarterly earnings report presents the company forecast of 3D ToF sensor market:
Himax Low Power Sensor + AI Processor Solution Attracts Interest from the Industry
GlobeNewswire: Himax updates on its imaging business in Q2 2020 earnings report:"In order for Himax’s WiseEye technology to reach its maximum potential, the Company has adopted a flexible business model whereby, in addition to total solution where it provides processor, image sensor and AI algorit...
Edge AI Processing Presentation
Hailo presentation on edge AI vision processing shows that one needs 80K MAC operations per pixel to achieve a 86% image classification accuracy.
Brookman ToF Gesture Recognition Demo
Brookman shows how its BT008D pToF sensors excels in finger gesture recognition in comparison with competing ToF solutions. The demo is prepared in collaboration with Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., one of Brookman's major investors.
Imaging Beyond the Speed of Light
A Youtube video explains seemingly impossible effects described in EPFL and Canon Archive.
Sony Edge Analytics Use Cases
Sony presents a number of use cases for its REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance - a separate box for now. Possibly, Sony intends to integrate some of its functionality onto the AI-enabled image sensors in the future. The power consumption of the Edge Analytics Appliance box is 40W.
Galaxycore Overtakes Omnivision to Become #3 in Units Market Share, Prepares IPO
According to IBK Securities report, Galaxycore becomes the world's #3 in CIS units market share (left chart below). However, Omnivision still keeps #3 spot in terms of revenue (right chart).
From Single-pixel ToF Histogram to 3D Spatial Image
Tower Updates on its Q2 2020 Imaging Business
SeekingAlpha: Tower Q2 2020 earnings call has few updates on the foundry's imaging business:"Moving to our Sensor Business unit, we forecast single-digit year-over-year growth in spite of several segments being strongly adversely impacted by COVID-19.
Brookman Presents its ToF Products Catalog
Brookman has updated its ToF products page with a number of cameras based on BT008D sensor:Brookman also congratulates Shizuoka University Prof. Shoji Kawahito, one of the founding members and a chairman of the company, with reception of the “Tamba Takayanagi Award/Achievement Award”.
Sony A7S III review
The Sony A7S III is a high-end full-frame mirrorless camera aimed at pro videographers. It films 4k 120p, has a flip-screen, the best EVF to date and much more! Find out why it could be the best pro video camera in my review!… The post Sony A7S III review appeared first on Cameralabs.