A DIY copper oxide camera sensor
Can we make photosensitive pixels from Copper Oxide? Youtuber "Breaking Taps" answers:
Fujifilm XT50 review
The Fujifilm X-T50 is aimed at photographers who want the quality and style of the higher-end X-T5, but in a smaller, lighter and more affordable body.
Photonic-electronic integrated circuit-based coherent LiDAR engine
Lukashchuk et al. recently published a paper titled "Photonic-electronic integrated circuit-based coherent LiDAR engine" in the journal Nature Communications.Open access link: https://www.nature.
Talk on Digital Camera Myths and Misunderstandings - Part II
In a follow-up to the talk that was previously shared on this blog, here's Digital Camera Myths, Misstatements and Misunderstandings Part II, a presentation by Wayne Prentice to Rochester, NY chapter of IS&T (Society for imaging Science and Tech.) on 17 April. 2024.
Foveon sensor development "still in design stage"
Sony Cyber-shot R1 retro review
Launched in 2005, the Sony Cyber-shot R1 was a high-end prosumer camera packing a Carl Zeiss 5x zoom and a large 10MP APSC sensor with Live View.
Lecture on Noise in Event Cameras and "SciDVS" camera
 Talk title:   "Noise Limits of Event Cameras" presented at the Cambridge Huawei Frontiers in image Sensing 2024Speaker: Prof. Tobi Delbruck Abstract: "Cameras that mimic biological eyes have a 50 year history and the DVS event camera pixel is now nearly 20 years old.
TriEye and Vertilas 1.3μm VCSEL-Driven SWIR Sensing Solutions
TriEye and Vertilas Partner to Demonstrate 1.
Canon releases LI5030 sensor
 Canon’s 2.8 MP LI7060 CMOS sensor is equipped with an HDR drive function that achieves a wide 120 dB range at low noise levels.
Job Postings - Week of 14 April 2024
Samsara Lead Camera Systems Engineer San Francisco,, California, USA Link Fraunhofer HHI Telecommunications Scientist Photonic for single photon detectors Berlin, Germany Link Fraunhofer HHI Telecommunications Scientist...
Sony Cyber-shot F828 retro review
Back in 2003, Sony launched the Cyber-shot F828 the fifth model in the series to use an L-shaped design with a twisting body. It built on the earlier F717 and later gained cult status for its infra-red capabilities.
STMicroelectronics and CEA LETI develop microlenses for SPADs
In a preprint titled "Metasurface-based planar microlenses for SPAD pixels", J. Vaillant et al. of STMicroelectronics and CEA LETI write:In this paper we present two design generations of metasurface-based planar microlenses implemented on Front-Side Illumination SPAD pixels.
Paper on SPADs at the NATO Science & Technology organization meeting
A paper titled "SPAD Image Sensors for Quantum and Classical Imaging" by Prof. Edoardo Charbon was published in the STO Meetings proceedings in January 2024.Paper link: https://www.sto.nato.int/publications/STO%20Meeting%20Proceedings/STO-MP-IST-SET-198/MP-IST-SET-198-C1-03.
Sony releases 247MP sensors
Sony recently released a new 247MP rolling shutter CIS available in monochrome and color variants: IMX811-AAMR and IMX811-AAQR.
Four new videos about the industry
Here are few new videos from image sensor companies.
Artilux announces room temperature GeSi SPAD
From PR NewsWire: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/artilux-announces-groundbreaking-gesi-spad-research-published-in-nature-journal-302068638.html HSINCHU, Feb.
One man's (event camera) noise is another man's signal
In a preprint titled "Noise2Image: Noise-Enabled Static Scene Recovery for Event Cameras" Cao et al. propose a method to use the inherent pixel noise present in even camera sensors to recover scene intensity maps.
Fujifilm XF 16-50mm f2.8-4.8 review
The Fujifilm XF 16-50mm f2.8-4.8 is a compact, general-purpose zoom for X-series cameras.
SI Sensors introduces custom CIS design services
Custom CMOS image sensor design on a budget Specialised Imaging Ltd reports on the recent market launch of SI Sensors (Cambridge, UK) - a new division of the company focused on the development of advanced CMOS image sensors.
NIT announces new full HD SWIR sensor - NSC2101
New High-Resolution, SWIR Sensor with High PerformanceNIT (New Imaging Technologies) introduces its latest innovation in SWIR imaging technology: a high-resolution Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) InGaAs sensor designed for the most demanding challenges in the field.
Nexchip mass produces 55nm and 90nm BSI CIS
Google translation of a news article:Jinghe integrates 50-megapixel image sensors into mass production and plans to double its CIS production capacity within the yearAccording to Jinghe Integration news, after the mass production of 90nm CIS and 55nm stacked CIS, Jinghe Integration (688249) CIS has ...
Blackmagic releases new 12K and 17K cine cameras
From: https://www.newsshooter.
A review of event cameras for automotive applications
Event Cameras in Automotive Sensing: A ReviewShariff et al.IEEE AccessDOI: https://doi.org/10.1109/ACCESS.2024.3386032Abstract:Event cameras (EC) represent a paradigm shift and are emerging as valuable tools in the automotive industry, particularly for in-cabin and out-of-cabin monitoring.
Camera identification from retroreflection signatures
In a recent article in Optics Express titled "Watching the watchers: camera identification and characterization using retro-reflections,", Seets et al.
Sony IMX900 videos
This video presents Sony's 1/3.1" global shutter image sensor IMX900 with approx. 3.2 effective megapixels that is compact, high-resolution, and has improved near-infrared sensitivity. Here are its three features.
X-FAB annonces BSI process for next gen image sensors
Link: https://www.xfab.
Job Postings - Week of 7 April 2024
California Institute of Technology  SRL Instrument Scientist Pasadena, California, USA Link ERC Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies PhD position :Integrated electro optical modulators and photodetectors in the mid-IR spectral range...
Available: a Ph.D. Scholarship under Prof. Guy Meynants
KU Leuven PhD on temporal noise reduction in CMOS image sensors     Geel, Belgium     Link 
Job Postings - Week of 31 March 2024
Microsoft Hardware Test Engineer - Hololens Fort Collins, Colorado, USA Link Vanderbilt University Postdoctoral Candidate - The Caldwell Infrared Nanophotonic Materials and Devices Laboratory Nashville, Tennessee, USA Link ...
Fujifilm instax mini 99 review
The instax mini 99 is an instant camera designed for Fujifilm’s instax mini film. It’s aimed at anyone who wants more control than a budget model, like the Mini 12, while remaining a fully analogue camera.
Sigma 50mm f1.2 DG DN Art review
The Sigma 50mm f1.2 DG DN Art is a standard prime lens with a bright aperture for Sony E and Leica L mount cameras.
A Job Opening with Euresys
EuresysSales Manager - Europe            Liège, Belgium or Schongau, Germany           Link
Nikon to acquire RED.com
From Nikon newsroom: https://www.nikon.com/company/news/2024/0307_01.htmlNikon to Acquire US Cinema Camera Manufacturer RED.com, LLCMarch 7, 2024TOKYO - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) hereby announces its entry into an agreement to acquire 100% of the outstanding membership interests of RED.
Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 DG DN II Art review
The Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 DG DN II Art delivers the classic range and aperture beloved of wedding and event shooters, now in an upgraded Mark II version with better features and quality.
Fujifilm GFX 100S II review
The Fujifilm GFX 100S II is a medium format mirrorless camera with 102 Megapixels, built-in stabilisation and 4k video. It’s the successor to the GFX 100S from 2021 and improves the stabilisation, battery life, burst speed and subject detection, and is priced a little lower too.
NASA develops a 36 pixel sensor
From PetaPixel: https://petapixel.com/2024/04/30/nasa-develops-tiny-yet-mighty-36-pixel-sensor/NASA Develops Tiny Yet Mighty 36-Pixel Sensor While NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is helping astronomers craft 122-megapixel photos 1.
Job Postings - Week of 5 May 2024
UC Santa Cruz Systems Design and Characterization Engineer Santa Cruz, California, USA Link FAPESP - São Paulo Research Foundation Young Investigator Position in Quantum Technologies São Paulo, Brazil Link Apple Pi...
Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 Nikon Z review
Tamron's 28-75mm f2.8 Di III G2 is an attractively priced zoom now also available for Nikon's mirrorless cameras. Can it deliver the goods even when tested at 180MP resolution? Find out in my in-depth review.
Airy3D - Teledyne e2v collaboration
Link: https://www.airy3d.
Two more Sony job openings - Belgium, this time
Sony Depthsensing Solutions      Brussels, BelgiumAnalog Design Manager     LinkIC Validation and Verification Engineer     Link
Job Postings - Week of 21 April 2024
Omnivision Principal Image Sensor Technology Engineer Santa Clara, California, USA Link NIST RAP opportunity - Metrology for Faint Photonics Boulder, Colorado, USA Link Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.
EgisTec to acquire Curious
Taiwan-based IC design house Egis Technology (EgisTec) has announced plans to acquire Curious, a Japan-based IP and fabless chipmaker, in a share swap transaction valued at NT$525 million (US$16.4 million).  Link: https://www.digitimes.
Sony news and videos
From https://www.sony-semicon.com/en/news/2024/2024032801.htmlNew Fab Expansion at Sony Device Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
STMicroelectronics has an opening in Paris
 STMicroelectronicsExpert in image processing algorithms for optical sensors (or)            Paris, France      LinkExpert en algorithmes de traitement d'image pour capteurs optiques      &n...
Toppan shifts image sensor production to China
From Nikkei Asia news: https://asia.nikkei.
Two jobs in Italy submitted by Sony EUTDC
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Europe Senior Top AMS Verification Engineer     Trento, Italy     LinkSenior Digital Physical Implementation Engineer      Trento, Italy     Link
Nikon Z 28-400mm f4-8 VR review so far
The Nikon Z 28-400mm f4-8 VR boasts a huge 14.3x zoom range but weighs only 725g. It should be a versatile lens for travel and nature photography. See how its features compare in our preview.
Job Postings - Week of 24 March 2024
CEA-IRIG Permanent Researcher in Ultra-Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors Grenoble, France Link Apple Camera Electrical Engineer - Camera Hardware Cupertino, California, USA Link University of Hawaii Advanced detector develop...
A Job Opening with Euresys
EuresysSales Manager - Europe            Liège, Belgium or Schongau, Germany           Link