Teledyne acquires Adimec
From Metrology News: to Acquire High-Performance Camera Specialist AdimecTeledyne Technologies has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Adimec Holding B.V.
Fujifilm X100 VI review
The Fujifilm X100 VI is the highly-anticipated successor to the X100 V, packing their latest 40 Megapixel APSC sensor and IBIS into a body only a fraction thicker and heavier.
Conference List - July 2024
The 9th International Smart Sensor Technology Exhibition - 3-5 Jul 2024 - Seoul, Korea (South) - Website 17th International Conference on Scintillating Materials and their Applications - 8-12 Jul 2024 - Milan, Italy - WebsiteOptica Sensing and Imaging Congresses - 15-19 Jul 2024 - Toulouse, France&...
A message from IEEE Sensors 2024 conference co-chair
In my role as Industrial Co-chair of IEEE SENSORS 2024 conference to be held this year in Kobe, Japan, in October, I want to invite the participation of the image sensor community.
More videos: Vision Research, Sick IVP, Teledyne e2v, onsemi
Vision Research publishes a EMVA 1288 webinar on camera performance evaluation:SICK IVP explains the recent image sensor innovations:Teledyne e2v talks about selecting and matching the optics to an image sensor:Onsemi explains its eHDR approach:
A Sony Job Opening in Switzerland
Sony Advanced Visual Sensing AGImage Sensor Design Engineer        Schlieren, Switzerland        Link
NONS SL660 instant SLR review
The NONS SL660 is a fully analogue, manual SLR camera designed for instax Square film.
New Videos from onsemi, AI Storm, ST, EPFL
Onsemi emphasizes its internal fab capabilities:  At CES, AI Storm describes the analog AI approach contained in its image sensor: Also at CES, ST presents its new 3D sensing approach:  EPFL presents a combo of spiking neuron processor and  SPAD sensor:EPFL also presen...
Another Job Opening in France
Exosens - Photonis InfraredR&D Engineer in Infrared & CMOS Image Sensor       Grenoble, France       Link(Note: The listing at the link is in French)
SWIR Systems Announces Handheld Mobile Camera
SWIR Vision Systems Announces Acuros GO 6 MP Handheld SWIR Camera Empowering Mobile SWIR Imaging with Cutting-Edge CQD Sensor TechnologyDurham, North Carolina, January 22, 2024 — SWIR Vision Systems, a leader in short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) imaging technology, proudly introduces the Acuros® G...
Two Job Postings from Employers in France
CEA LetiCMOS Imagers Senior Expert             Grenoble, France            LinkISAE SUPAEROPostdoctoral Position                     &n...
Two New Jobs from Transformative Optics
We just received a request to list two new jobs from Transformative Optics in Portland, Oregon, USA. They describe these as:Senior Software Engineer Responsible for the design, development, testing, and documentation of image processing software to meet user requirements.
Job Postings - Week of 14 January 2024
Google Image Processing Engineer Mountain View, California, USA Link University of Southampton PhD Studentship: Integration of Detectors for Mid-Infrared Sensors Southampton, England, UK Link CMOS Sensor, Inc.
Panasonic Lumix S 100mm f2.8 Macro review
The Lumix S 100mm f2.8 is a compact macro lens with 1:1 close-up capabilities. It’s designed for the full-frame L-mount system, including bodies from Panasonic, Sigma and Leica.
Job Postings - Week of 7 January 2024
 After a 2-week holiday break, the listings are back. Happy New Year.
Samsung announces new Isocell Vizion sensors
Samsung press release:
Fujifilm X100V long term review
This is my long-term review of the Fujifilm X100V, a camera that’s become a bit of a modern classic, not to mention a regular companion on my own trips for several years.
Teledyne acquires Adimec
From Metrology News: to Acquire High-Performance Camera Specialist AdimecTeledyne Technologies has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Adimec Holding B.V.
SolidVue develops solid-state LiDAR chip
From PR Newswire:
Semiconductor Engineering article about noise in CMOS image sensors
Semiconductor Engineering published an article on dealing with noise in CMOS image sensors: https://semiengineering.
Job posting request from onsemi - Ireland
 onsemiAnalog Design Engineer      Cork, Ireland      Link
NIST develops SNSPD detector array for mid-IR covered a recently published paper titled "A 64-pixel mid-infrared single-photon imager based on superconducting nanowire detectors" by a team from NIST in the journal Applied Physics Letters.
AI Chat Engines Express Their Opinions on CMOS Image Sensor Origins
We asked four AI chat engines a simple question, "Who invented CMOS Image Sensors?" There seems to have been a lot of variety in the training sets.
Job Postings - Week of 4 February 2024
Ametek – Forza Silicon Principal Pixel Architect Pasadena, California, USA Link L3Harris Operations Manager Katowice, Poland Link L3Harris Infrared Sensor Engineering Technician D Mason, Ohio, USA Link...
Sony Cyber-shot F717 retro review
Back in 2002, Sony launched the Cyber-shot F717, the fourth model in the series to use an L-shaped design with a twisting body. It built on the earlier F707 to deliver one of the best in the series to date and gained later popularity for its infra-red capabilities.
Optical Imaging and Photography Book Announcement
De Gruyter published a second edition of "Optical Imaging and Photography" book by Ulrich Teubner and Hans Josef BrücknerDifferent imaging systems and sensors are reviewed as well as lenses and aberrations, image intensification and processing.
A New FAE Opening at Sony USA
Sony Semiconductor Solutions - AmericaAutomotive Image Sensor Field Applications Engineer     Novi, Michigan, USA    Link
Paper on non-toxic quantum dot SWIR sensors in Nature Photonics
In a paper titled "Silver telluride colloidal quantum dot infrared photodetectors and image sensors" Wang et al.
STMicroelectronics manufactured Sphere's Big Sky 18K custom image sensor
Histogram-less SPAD LiDAR
Tontini et al. from  FBK and University of Trento recently published an article titled "Histogram-less LiDAR through SPAD response linearization" in the IEEE Sensors journal.Open access link:
Image Sensors Europe 2024 Speakers announced
The annual Image Sensors Europe 2024 will be held in London on March 20-21, 2024.See below for the speakers confirmed to present at the 2024 edition in London.Link: https://www.image-sensors.
Samsung announces new Isocell Vizion sensors
Samsung press release:
Samsung/SK hynix bet on intelligent image sensors
From Business Korea:
Videos du jour: TinyML, Hamamatsu, ADI
tinyML Asia 2022In-memory computing and Dynamic Vision Sensors: Recipes for tinyML in Internet of Video ThingsArindam BASU , Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, City University of Hong KongVision sensors are unique for IoT in that they provide rich information but also require excessive...
Computational Imaging Photon by Photon
Arizona Optical Sciences Colloquium: Andreas Velten, "Computational Imaging Photon by Photon"AbstractOur cameras usually measure light as an analog flux that varies as a function of space and time.
Job Postings - Week of 18 February 2024
Pacific Biosciences Staff CMOS Sensor Test Engineer Menlo Park, California, USA Link Vilnius University PostDoc in Experimental HEP Vilnius, Lithuania Link Precision Optics Corporation Electrical Engineer Windh...
Talk on digital camera misunderstandings and HDR
Wayne Prentice presented a talk titled "Digital Camera Myths, Mis-statements and Misunderstandings" at the NY chapter meeting of IS&T (Society for imaging Science and Tech.) on 17 Jan. 2024.Abstract: The digital camera system is deceptively complex.
Job Postings - Week of 11 February 2024
IBM Research Device Engineer Albany, New York, USA Link Onsemi Product Engineer Meridian, Idaho, USA Link MicroTech Global Experienced Characterization Engineer Mechelen, Belgium Link Apple ...
A Sony Job Opening in Switzerland
Sony Advanced Visual Sensing AGImage Sensor Design Engineer        Schlieren, Switzerland        Link
Canon's twisted photodiodes improve autofocus
IEEE Spectrum has a recent article discussing a 2023 IEDM paper from Canon.Paper: Shirahige et al., "40-5. Cross Dual-Pixel Twisted-Photodiode Image Sensor for All-Directional Auto Focus", IEDM 2023.Spectrum article:
Job Postings from Spain
Qurv, in Barcelona, Spain, plans to expand its sensor design team with staff additions:Process Integration EngineerWide-Spectrum Image Sensor CMOS Pixel DesignerQuantum Film Process EngineerThese openings and more are on the Qurv website.
NIT and INSP collaboration on quantum dot SWIR imager
A video on the different stages in the development of sensors for infrared cameras from Institut des NanoSciences de Paris (INSP):  A press release from November 2023 related to this technology:NIT and INSP will exhibit the world’s first HgTe CQD SWIR camera during the Forum Innovation D...
Job Postings - Week of 28 January 2024
OSRAM OS San Jose Sensor Characterization Engineer Boise, Idaho, USA Link DESY Instrument Scientist (Gamma Rays and UV) Hamburg, Germany Link Rockwell Automation EDGE – Support Engineer (Engineer in Training position...
Hokuyo solid-state LiDAR uses Lumotive's beamsteering technology
From: YLM-X001Autonomous technologies are proliferating across industries at breakneck speed. Various sectors, like manufacturing, agriculture, storage, freight, etc.
Job Postings - Week of 21 January 2024
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.
OPPO, AlpsenTek and Qualcomm collaboration on "Hybrid Vision Sensing"
OPPO, AlpsenTek and Qualcomm Boost AI Motion, Image Quality For Mobile ApplicationsJan.11,2024,Las Vegas,USA—OPPO, AlpsenTek and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Talk on meta-optics-based color imagers (Prof. Arka Majumdar - UWash Seattle)
URochester - Institute of Optics Colloquium Sep 2023Abstract: The miniaturization of image sensors in recent decades has made today’s cameras ubiquitous across many application domains, including medical imaging, smartphones, security, robotics, and autonomous transportation.
Flare reduction technology from Edgehog
Eliminating Stray Light Image Artifacts via Invisible Image Sensor CoverglassHigh-quality images are critical for machine vision applications like autonomous vehicles, surveillance systems, and industrial automation.
Samsung announces new Isocell Vizion sensors
Samsung press release:
Review paper on stacking and interconnects for CMOS image sensors
In an ASME J. Electron. Packag. paper titled "Advancement of Chip Stacking Architectures and Interconnect Technologies for Image Sensors" Mei-Chien Lu writes:Numerous technology breakthroughs have been made in image sensor development in the past two decades.