Blackmagic Cancels Global Shutter Mode on its Newest Cameras

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Blackmagic Design CEO, Grant Petty, posted an update on the global shutter problems in its newest cameras URSA Mini 4.6K and the Micro Cinema Camera, originally expected to ship in Oct. 2015, but delayed up to now:

"We have really appreciated everyone’s patience in waiting for these cameras and apologize for the delay. It took much longer than we had thought to get the cameras to where we needed them to be, but I am incredibly proud to bring 15 stop, Super 35 true digital film cameras to everyone...

However the big reason for the delay is the problems we were having with the global shutter feature in both of these cameras. The problems are different between the models and on the Micro Cinema Camera we have been seeing random bad pixels when in global shutter mode. On the URSA Mini 4.6K we have been seeing problems with sensor calibration when using global shutter.

Our engineers have been killing themselves working on this for months, but the performance is just not where it needs to be for us to feel comfortable shipping with global shutter, and so we have had to remove the global shutter feature from both these cameras to allow them to ship.

Obviously this is very upsetting for us, as we really wanted to produce high dynamic range cameras that also had a global shutter for an all in one design. The reality is that this is just one feature on cameras that are ready right now to shoot with and get incredible results. So we have made the decision to ship now.

The Micro Cinema Camera
Image sensor area magnified

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