Mediatek Launches Imagiq ISP

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MediaTek announces the Imagiq ISP foir Helio high-end smartphone chipset solution.

As dual cameras are becoming standard on high-end smartphones, MediaTek Imagiq offer features enhancing the dual photography:
  • Real-Time Large Aperture Depth-of-Field Effect – With the built-in 3D sensor, the ISP can capture depth mapping in real-time, and with a large aperture of greater than f/0.8, it can produce large aperture depth-of-field effects in real-time even for previews.
  • Reality Depth of Field (DOF) – Users can map objects and backgrounds to multiple layers with a DOF feature. The smartphone can smartly position the object and background and apply creative effects to each layer in real time to produce photos or videos with DOF effects.
  • Bayer and Mono Cameras – This multiple-sensor design can capture three times the light of a traditional single-bayer sensor, thus reducing image noise and increasing quality.
  • Dual Camera Zoom – The ISP is equipped with a wide-angle lens and a telescope in its dual camera system. Imagiq combines these wide-angle and zoomed captured images into one image.
Other ISP features include:

  • Hybrid Autofocus (PDAF and Laser Auto Focus) – Combining PDAF and Laser AF to realize a faster autofocus speed, which is also applicable in dimly lit environments.
  • Pixel-Level Auto Focus – A focus speed is four times that of traditional autofocus, making it especially suitable for shooting fast-moving objects in real-time.
  • New De-Mosaic and Sharpness Engine – With its large-scale texture recognition and implementation of adaptive color image abilities, Imagiq produces smoother and sharper images when taking photos in dimly lit environments.
  • New Adaptive De-Noising Engine – Imagiq reduces image noise even in low-light environments
  • Automatic Image Stabilization (AIS) – Imagiq can rapidly combine four consecutively captured images into one image, eliminating blur effects from camera shake.
  • TrueBright Engine – With first-time RWWB sensor support, Imagiq powers twice the sensitivity to light of a traditional RGB sensor.
  • EIS and Gyro – Using a hardware engine to predict motion, Imagiq eliminates a video’s camera shake and distortion.
  • 1/32 Super-Slow Motion – In addition to supporting 720p video, Imagiq can shoot 1080p video at 480 fps in 1/32 super-slow motion playback, resulting in a 960 FPS video. Users are also able to edit videos using super-slow motion.
  • Temporal Noise Reduction – Imagiq uses temporal noise reduction to locate and reduce pixel movement in videos, resulting in cleaner and more detailed video quality in both video previews and filming.
  • 4K HDR Shooting – Support 4K HDR video shooting for the first time.

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