Unispectral Announces Tunable NIR Filter for Multipectral Cameras

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PRNewswire: Unispectral announces what it calls the industry’s first mass market ColorIR Tunable NIR filter and spectral IR camera. Unispectral’s tunable filter turns low cost IR cameras into 700-950nm spectral cameras. It is best suited for facial recognition, consumer portable devices, IOT, robotics and mass market cameras. ColorIR products enable advanced machine vision, material sensing and computational photography.

The core product consists of a tunable MEMS filter assembled on a camera module. RaspberryPi is used to capture parameters and interface by USB or WiFi toPC or Mobile device. SDK is included to develop additional applications.

Our excellent team is proud to roll out this tunable filter which connects seeing with sensing. It makes spectral cameras accessible for mass-market platforms. The market strives to find an effective solution for adding spectral information to cameras and we believe our technology offers the best blend of performance, and cost,” said Ariel Raz, CEO of Unispectral.

The ColorIR camera captures multiple frames in different NIR wavelengths, filtered by a miniature Fabry–Pérot optical cavity MEMS element. This unique solution breaks the price for legacy spectral cameras, thereby enabling new markets and use cases.

Use Cases of ColorIR:
  • Security Market: Facial Authentication, Access Control, Payment Terminals, Fake Bills detection,
  • Smartphone Camera: image enhancement, , , low light and shadow picture corrections,
  • Medical Market: Remote health inspection
  • Agriculture: Fruit inspection, Pesticide detection
  • Industrial: Production line Inspection,
  • Vehicle: DMS

The ColorIR tunable Mems EVK is available for pre-order. Shipping is planned for end of July.

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