3rd Order Sigma-Delta ADC for Image Sensor

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AMS and Madeira University, Portugal, publish an MDPI paper "Design Improvements on Fast, High-Order, Incremental Sigma-Delta ADCs for Low-Noise Stacked CMOS Image Sensors" by Luis Miguel Carvalho Freitas and Fernando Morgado-Dias.

"It is known that thermal and flicker noise sources are the main contributors to the degradation of the sensor performance, concerning the sensor output image noise. This paper presents an indirect way to reduce both the thermal and the flicker noise contributions by using thin-oxide low voltage supply column readout circuits and fast 3rd order incremental sigma-delta converters with noise shaping capabilities (to provide low noise output digital samples—74 μVrms; 0.7 e−rms; at 105 μV/e−), and thus performing correlated double sampling in a short time (19 μs), while dissipating significant low power (346 μW). Throughout the extensive parametric transistor-level simulations, the readout path produced 1.2% non-linearity, with a competitive saturation capacity (6.5 ke−) pixel. In addition, this paper addresses the readout parallelism as the main point of interest, decoupling resolution from the image noise and the frame rate, at virtually any array resolution."

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