SWIR Quantum Dot PDs Has 80% QE and 10ns Response Time, but High Dark Current

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Matter publishes EPFL and Toronto University paper "Colloidal quantum dot photodetectors with 10-ns response time and 80% quantum efficiency at 1,550 nm" by Maral Vafaie, James Z.Fan, Amin Morteza Najarian, Olivier Ouellette, Laxmi Kishore Sagar, Koen Bertens, Bin Sun, F. Pelayo GarcĂ­a de Arquer, Edward H.Sargent.

"To date, CQD photodetectors operating in the short-wave IR have failed to provide the combination of high responsivity, detectivity, and fast temporal response. To advance this field, large-diameter CQDs are needed that combine passivation with efficient charge transport.

Here, we present an efficient ligand-exchange strategy tailored to large CQDs having a band gap of 0.8 eV. The new well-passivated stable colloidal quantum dots enable high-quality CQD photoactive layers with exceptional optoelectronic properties. As a result, short-wavelength IR photodetectors operating at 1,550 nm with a record external quantum efficiency, reasonable detectivity, and fast response time are demonstrated."

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