Sony A7R teardown by Roger Ciala

Roger Ciala from the popular Lensrentals blog did a teardown of the amazing A7R. Many of us wondered how Sony managed to cramp the full frame sensor into such a tiny body. Have a look at what they discovered and why they praised the build quality so much here.



The A7R seems to be a milestone of the mirrorless revolution. Although many people prefer to have an analog viewfinder it is hard not to take into account the many advantages this mighty little camera possesses. Somewhere in between a large compact camera and the performance of a Leica S this beast has many people thinking where the camera market is heading. Miniaturization is a technological tendency and the Sony A7R is a good example of it.

Sony is known for good products, no only good-looking, but also well built. Their cameras are no different. The teardown illustrates the difference in very well thought through electrical and mechanical design, which sets it apart from many other manufacturers. This camera might just as well become your best friend for the next decade, as the specs are approaching medium format range, which you might in fact never need.

Most people talking about the downsides of the A7R point to the limited lens range. This is of course true, yet already in the begging there are a few fine options and as Zeiss has been providing the lens designs and will surely continue to help Sony in this regard, so I would be optimistic about the future of the E mount.


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