LiDAR News: Ibeo, Velodyne, Hesai, Cepton, Luminar, SiLC

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Ibeo publishes a webinar explaining the company's approach to the solid-state LiDAR:

In another webinar, Ibeo presents its view on AI challenges and solutions in autonomous driving.

BusinessWire, BusinessWire: Velodyne announces a long-term global licensing agreement with Hesai Photonics Technology encompassing 360° surround-view lidar sensors. As a result of this agreement, Velodyne and Hesai have agreed to dismiss current legal proceedings in the U.S., Germany and China that exist between the two companies.

We think this agreement will expand the adoption of lidar world-wide and save lives,” says David Hall, Velodyne Founder and Chairman of the Board. The relationship with Hesai is the third major licensing agreement for Velodyne’s lidar technology.

BusinessWire: Cepton hires Andrew Klaus as country manager for Japan who used to work at the same position for Innoviz.

Earlier this year, Cepton concluded a successful Series C financing round led by Koito Manufacturing, the world’s largest automotive lighting Tier 1. Around the same time, Cepton expanded its business team in Europe with the appointment of two Directors of Product Management and Marketing.

BusinessWire: Luminar announces an expansion of its leadership as it drives into its next phase of growth in automotive. Over the next 18 months, the company is scaling its technology into series production, starting with Volvo in 2022, and will begin shipping its Iris sensing and perception platform within the year. Luminar hired 5 new executives from ZF, Mobileye, Magic Leap, and Goldman Sachs.

PRNewswire: SiLC, a developer of single-chip FMCW LiDAR, announces that Frost & Sullivan has selected the company for its 2020 North American 3D/4D LiDAR Imaging Industry Technology Innovation Award. This recognition comes on the heels of SiLC being selected by EETimes as one of the emerging silicon startups to watch worldwide. According to the Frost & Sullivan report, SiLC's proprietary 4D LIDAR chip is ideally positioned to disrupt the global LIDAR market due to its unique capabilities with broad applications, including autonomous vehicles, machine vision, and augmented reality.

"We're delighted by this recognition and greatly appreciate the depth and quality of Frost & Sullivan's analysis of SiLC's breakthrough Smart 4D Vision Sensor technology," said Mehdi Asghari, CEO of SiLC. "We also appreciate that Frost & Sullivan highlighted the breadth of our technology, which has the potential to replace ToF-based LiDAR sensors used in applications from automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving autonomous vehicles to augmented reality, security, and industrial machine vision."

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