Sony Transfers its Fabs Management to NEC Facilities

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Sony: NEC Facilities and Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has agreed to jointly establish SSN Facilities as a new company that manages facilities at semiconductor production bases. SSN Facilities will undertake facility management, repair work, maintenance work, etc. of Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing from September 1, this year. “SSN” stands for Sustainable & Smart Next generation.

NEC Facilities has a wealth of experience and specialized human resources, knowledge, and know-how regarding factory facility management at manufacturing bases, mainly semiconductors and electronic components. With the establishment of SSN Facilities, as an outsourcer of facility management in the manufacturing industry, we aim to further expand our business, centering on the semiconductor manufacturing field, where demand continues to grow as digitalization continues.

Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing outsources facility management operations at seven production sites in Japan to SSN Facilities to ensure stable operation and maintenance of clean rooms and facilities, as well as to enhance and streamline operations, as well as its own business.

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