Yole on LiDAR Market

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Yole Developpement is preparing "LiDARs for Automotive and Industrial Applications 2018" report:

"By looking at the different technologies on the market, we can clearly see that the LiDAR market is immature – a ‘work in progress’. Very recent investments of more than $800M over the past three years indicate the ongoing dynamics. The investments are good for technology innovation and production capacity building. The flood of money allows start-ups and manufacturers to prototype and launch pre-series sensors for car and robot-taxi makers who are testing all types of LiDAR internally.

It will take some time to gather feedback and determine what the real requirements are, and that’s why the maturation of LiDAR will take a long time. But time is only one piece of the puzzle; diversity in the technology is also the other tricky aspect to understand this market. From big mechanical rotating LiDAR, MEMS micro-mirrors, to optical phased arrays, or flash LiDAR, the landscape of technologies has never been so diverse. This is a complex situation where time-to-market uncertainty and technology diversity prevents any clear-cut vision of which one will win. With average selling prices (ASPs) ranging from several thousand dollars to $65,000, current LiDAR system are still expensive, which cover a broad range of applications that are still niche markets for now.

Update: EETimes publishes an expanded article "Lidar Tech Today, Lidar Vendors Tomorrow" based on Yole report:

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