Hybrid Bonding Review

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TechInsights publishes a subscribers-only review of hybrid bonding progress: 

 "Hybrid bonding went into volume production after Sony licensed the Zibond technology from Ziptronix (now part of Xperi) and introduced it almost five years ago into their CMOS image sensors (CIS) that use stacked sensor and image processors. Zibond was initially a wafer/wafer bonding technique focused on oxide/oxide interfaces, but it evolved to include copper/copper direct bonds, and Xperi rebranded it as Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI).

Not all companies use Xperi’s licensed technology, so the industry term for face/face wafer bonding with copper/copper interconnect has become “hybrid bonding” (HB). Now almost all of the stacked CIS manufacturers or their foundries have HB available. In the meantime, the process has evolved to give bonding pitches of >4 µm and pad diameters >2 µm."

An example cross section of Sony IMX260 stacked sensor:

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