Sony’s View on Stacked CIS Evolution

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IEICE ESS Fundamentals Review publishes Sony paper "Evolving Image Sensor Architecture through Stacking Devices" by Yusuke OIKE. Unfortunately, there is no English version available and the pdf is protected from copying the text for an on-line translation.

"The evolution of CMOS image sensors and the prospects utilizing advanced imaging technologies promise to improve our quality of life. CMOS image sensors now dominate the market of digital cameras with the advent of parallel ADCs and back-illuminated technology. Moreover stacked CMOS image sensors continue to enhance functionality and user experience in mobile devices. We introduce the evolution of image sensor architecture for accelerating drastic performance improvements and for integrating edge computing connected to the sensor layer through stacking technologies. Furthermore, the fine pitch connection between the pixel and logic layers makes pixel parallel circuit architecture practical for the next stage of evolution."

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