ESA-ESTEC Space & Scientific CMOS Image Sensors Workshop 2022

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Registration and other information:

CNES, ESA, AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, THALES ALENIA SPACE, SODERN are pleased to invite you to submit an abstract to the 7th “Space & Scientific CMOS Image Sensors” workshop to be held in ESA-ESTEC on November 22 nd and 23rd 2022 within the framework of the Optics and Optoelectronics COMET (Communities of Experts).

The aim of this workshop is to focus on CMOS image sensors for scientific and space applications.

Although this workshop is organized by actors of the Space Community, it is widely open to other professional imaging applications such as Machine vision, Medical, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Broadcast (UHDTV) that boost the development of new pixel and sensor architectures for high end applications.

Furthermore, we would like to invite Laboratories and Research Centres which develop Custom CMOS image sensors with advanced smart design on-chip to join this workshop.


Abstracts shall preferably address one or more of the following topics:

  • Pixel design (low lag, linearity, FWC, MTF optimization, high quantum efficiency, large pitch pixels)
  • Electrical design (low noise amplifiers, shutter, CDS, high speed architectures, TDI, HDR)
  • On-chip ADC or TDC (in pixel, column, …)
  • On-chip processing (smart sensors, multiple gains, summation, corrections)
  • Electron multiplication, avalanche photodiodes
  • Photon-counting, quanta image sensors
  • Time resolving detectors (gated, time-correlated single-photon counting)
  • Hyperspectral architectures
  • Materials (thin film, optical layers, dopant, high-resistivity, amorphous Si)
  • Processes (backside thinning, hybridization, 3D stacking, anti-reflection coating)
  • Optical design (micro-lenses, trench isolation, filters)
  • Large size devices (stitching, butting)
  • CMOS image sensors with recent space heritage (in-flight performance)
  • High speed interfaces
  • Focal plane architectures

Tutorial Topics

Event-based sensors, SPADs

Industry exhibition

There are a limited number of small stands available for industry exhibitors. If you are interested in exhibiting at the Workshop, please contact the organisers.

Abstract submission

Please send a short abstract on one A4 page maximum in word or pdf format giving the title, the authors name and affiliation, and presenting the subject of your talk, to the organising committee (e-mail addresses are given hereafter).

Workshop format & official language

Oral presentation shall be requested for the workshop. The official language for the workshop is English.

Slide submission

After abstract acceptance notification, the author(s) will be requested to prepare their presentation in pdf or Powerpoint file format, to be presented at the workshop and to provide a copy to the organising committee with an authorization to make it available for all attendees, and on-line for the CCT members.


13th September 2022 - Deadline for abstract submission

4th October 2022 - Author notification & preliminary programme

8th November 2022 - Final programme

22nd-23rd November 2022 - Workshop

Organising committee

 Nick NELMS ESA  +31 71 565 8110
 Kyriaki MINOGLOU ESA  +31 71 565 3797
 Serena RIZZOLO Airbus Defence & Space  +33
 Stéphane DEMIGUEL Thalès Alenia Space  +33
 Aurelien VRIET SODERN  +33

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