poLight’s paper on passive athermalisation of compact camera/lens using its TLens® tunable lens

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Images defocus over wide temperature range is a challenge in many applications. poLight's TLens technology behaves the opposite of plastic lenses over temperature, so just adding it to the optics stack addresses this issue.

A whitepaper is available here: [link]

Abstract: poLight ASA is the owner of and has developed the TLens products family as well as other patented micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS) technologies. TLens is a focusable tunable optics device based on lead zirconium titanate (PZT) microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology and a novel optical polymer material. The advantages of the TLens have already been demonstrated in multiple products launched on the market since 2020. Compactness, low power consumption, and fast speed are clear differentiators in comparison with incumbent voice coil motor (VCM) technology, thanks to the patented MEMS architecture. In addition, the use of TLens in the simple manner by adding it onto a fixed focus lens camera, or inserting the TLens inside the lens stack, enables stable focusing over an extended operating range. It has been demonstrated that the TLens passively compensates the thermal defocus of the plastic lens stack/camera structure. The fixed focus plastic lens stack cameras, usually used in consumer devices, typically exhibits a thermal defocus of a few diopters over the operating temperature range. Results of simulations as well as experimental data are presented together with a principal athermal lens design using TLens in only a passive manner (without the use of its electro-tunablity) while the electro-tunability can be used to additionally secure an extended depth of focus with further enhanced image quality.


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