ON Semi Presents 47MP CCD

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BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor announces the KAI-47051 CCD, the world’s highest resolution Interline Transfer CCD device. The 47MP KAI-47051 increases the resolution available for applications such as end-of-line flat panel inspection and aerial mapping by more than 50% compared to the 29MP KAI-29050 CCD widely used in these applications today. This is achieved while retaining the CCD-level image uniformity and global shutter architecture those applications require. The new device is aimed to the growing inspection demand for higher resolution smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, and televisions; and to improve image quality and overall efficiency in surveillance applications such as aerial mapping.

In addition to providing higher resolution through a larger optical format, the KAI-47051 incorporates a reduced-noise amplifier that lowers read noise by 15% compared to the existing device, increasing DR to 66dB. A 16-output architecture enables a maximum frame rate of 7fps, almost double that of the existing, lower resolution device.

One of the nice features of ON Semi CCDs is a fairly detailed spec published together with the new product announcement:

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