ON Semi Image Sensor Business Update

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ON Semi reports its Q4 2015 and full year results. The image sensor group keeps increasing its share of the company business:

Few quotes from the company's earning call:

"Revenue for Image Sensor Group was approximately $184 million, down approximately three percent as compared to the third quarter.

Our momentum in CMOS image sensors for automotive application remained intact driven by steep adoption of ADAS and viewing cameras.

Though Aptina has been a key driver of our growth, especially in the automotive market, our performance on organic basis exceeded that of the industry in 2015.

We successfully integrated Aptina, and results from Aptina far exceeded our expectations and the guidance we provided to the investment community. We believe that we are in early stages of realizing full potential of our acquisition of Aptina. With Aptina, we believe that ON Semiconductor is among the best positioned companies to benefit from steep adoption of ADAS in automobiles.

In 2015, we significantly improved our market positon in security related imaging market with year over year revenue growth of 15%.

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