Yang Ni Interview

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IMV Europe interviews Yang Ni, the founder of New Imaging Technologies, located in Paris area, France. Few quotes about the machine vision market trends:

What do you see as the major growth sectors?
From my point of view, the machine vision market is divided into simple photocells and complex camera-based systems. There is great potential in the middle of these two areas, combing the high speed and low cost of photocells with the programmability and versatility of complex camera-based systems. This goal is achievable only with smart image sensors, by integrating highly adaptive pixel designs, such as that of NIT, and on-chip processing capabilities. Otherwise, the product will fall either into the category of a simple photocell by being oversimplified or into a complex camera-based system with its high cost. This could explain the absence of products in this sector.

What do you see as being the most significant commercial change in the industry during the years ahead?
With the development in consumer electronics, all the individual components such as camera chips, FPGAs, DSPs, etc., have become cheaper and more powerful. In the future it will become harder and harder to justify the high price of machine vision system. We can reasonably assume that the same cost issues will be placed on the automation system, but a lot of pressure will be placed on machine vision system providers.

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