ST Opens its CIS Process on Foundry Basis

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ST offers its advanced CIS process and pixels on a foundry basis, including regular MPW service to reduce development cost. ST has started to give access to its high-end CIS technologies to few customers 4 years ago. Based on this experience, ST has realized all the benefits that it can get from this business model and all the differentiators that its pixel technologies can bring to the customers. It is why ST has decided to include this foundry business in its Imaging strategy. Some of the processes are shown in the table:

MPW schedule for 2016, I guess

ST foundry services:
  • 8” and 12” wafer fabs in Europe
  • In house µLens, color filter, 1D & 2D stitching
  • Process and yield tuning and optimization
  • Pixel architecture and design, quality and failure analysis
  • Broad technology portfolio and extensive expertize

Specialized silicon technology building blocks:
  • Small and large, rolling and global shutter sensors
  • Large range of analog and digital IPs
  • ISP, pixel, algorithmic and optics expertise

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