Lytro Exits Consumer Camera Business

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Imaging Resource, DPReview: Lytro exits consumer light-field camera business, apparently due to the lack of the consumer interest. The company CEO Jason Rosenthal says in his blog post "While consumer Light Field cameras offered a number of true technological breakthroughs such as interactive 3D pictures, radical lens specs, and the ability to focus a picture after the fact we had a number of disadvantages as well including 4X larger file sizes and lower resolution in comparison to other similarly priced cameras. The cold hard fact was that we were competing in an established industry where the product requirements had been firmly cemented in the minds of consumers by much larger more established companies. This issue was compounded by the fact that the consumer camera market was declining by almost 35% per year driven by the surge in smartphone photography and changing consumer tastes."

The company's Vimeo video talks about its new focus on Immerge VR cinema production platform:

Lytro Immerge from Lytro on Vimeo.

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