4T Pixel Noise Reduction in Photon Counting

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Rambus' and Dartmouth College's Michael Guidash, Jiaju Ma, Thomas Vogelsang and Jay Endsley publish an open access paper "Reduction of CMOS Image Sensor Read Noise to Enable Photon Counting" in Sensors Vol 14, #4 issue. The paper talks about CDS timing shortening and SF bias current optimization to minimize 1/f, RTS, and thermal noise:

CDS timing is given in ns

Update: Another pixel noise reduction paper in the same Sensors journal issue is "Noise Reduction Techniques and Scaling Effects towards Photon Counting CMOS Image Sensors" by Assim Boukhayma, Arnaud Peizerat, and Christian Enz from EPFL and CEA-Leti. It covers mostly theoretical foundations of the pixel noise reduction.

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