Sony Earthquake Impact Estimated at 115b Yen

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Reuters, Sony: Sony estimates the impact from the quake on its image sensor and digital camera operations would total 105 billion yen this business year. It says the impact on the company as a whole would be 115 billion yen. The devices division, which includes image sensors, is to book an operating loss of 40 billion yen, compared with the previous year's loss of 29.3 billion yen. Sony also says, without elaborating, that the expected loss at its devices segment factored in a 30 billion yen loss from cancelling development of some camera modules:

"In addition, Sony decided to terminate the development and manufacturing of high-functionality camera modules for external sale, the mass production of which was being prepared at the Kumamoto Technology Center, as a result of a reconsideration of the strategy of this business from a long-term perspective. Approximately 30 billion yen in expense is expected to be incurred due to this termination."

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