2016 Harvest Imaging Forum Registration Opens

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Albert Theuwissen announces a start of registration for 2016 Harvest Imaging Forum "Robustness of CMOS Technology and Circuitry outside the Imaging Core : integrity, variability, reliability."

The Imaging forum is split into two parts, divided over two days:
  1. The basic required knowledge to understand the robustness of CMOS integrated circuits. This first part of the forum will include physics, state-of-the-art CMOS processes and related design issues,
  2. The robustness of advanced CMOS integrated circuits. The second part of the forum includes:

    Signal integrity issues: cross talk, signal propagation, interference between ICs, current peaks, supply noise, substrate and ground bounce, on-chip decoupling capacitors and design consequences,

    Variability issues: difference between random variations and systematic variations, causes of process parameter spread, proximity effects, random dopant fluctuations, transistor matching and design consequences,

    Reliability issues and topics: electro-migration, latch-up, hot-carrier effect, NBTI, soft-errors (by cosmic rays and alpha-particles), electro-static discharge, etc.

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