e2v Announces Gated NIR Imaging Optimized Sensor

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e2v announces the Onyx EV76C664 1.3MP global shutter CMOS sensor. The new sensor features an embedded active imaging system which synchronises external illumination and internal electronic shuttering. This allows discernible color images to be produced at extremely low light levels and through diffusing environments (e.g. fog and smoke) by range-gating, making it ideal for Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and security cameras.

The sensor has an innovative 10um-large pixel with extended sensitivity and performance in NIR, and can also cater for ‘all-light’ environments (typical of outdoor camera applications) where wide dynamic range is also needed. The new sensor is available in sparse colour and monochrome filter (EV76C664ACT) and black and white (EV76C664ABT).

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