Mobileye, BMW, and Intel Join Forces on Driverless Car

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Reuters, EETimes: BMW, Intel, and Mobileye announce an alliance to develop autonomous driving technology that could put Level 5 autonomous driving cars on the road by around 2021. The new autonomous driving platform is said to be open for others to join. The platform is supposed to be a part of the international standard that defines sensor specs in the system, among many other things.

Mobileye says it will put at least 100 employees working on this project, out of its current headcount of 700. Intel says it will put several hundreds people and several hundred million dollars on this project. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that he's confident that they can achieve their autonomous driving target in 5 years.

Update: Mobileye publishes a promotional video emphasizing the importance of this 3-way agreement:

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